Fox’s Shep Smith Argues SOPA With Panel: ‘I Will Laugh When You Find Your Butt In Jail’

During Fox News’ Studio B, Shepard Smith tackled the contentious SOPA issue, which has spurred Wikipedia to shutdown on Wednesday. “If you are a content creator, and you are an artist and create something that you own, why should Google or anyone else be able to send it to someone without you being compensated for having created what they clearly want?” Smith questioned Fox Business Network’s Gerri Willis.

“Now you are toting the line of the Hollywood…” Willis began to answer.

“I am saying if i create dinner and you want it, you have to pay, and i say you have to pay for it you do!” Smith exclaimed. “You cannot just take it. Isn’t the concept the same?”

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Legal correspondent Randy Zelin complimented Smith on his dinner analogy.

“What you said before — people don’t mind stealing intellectual property, and that is the very root of this,” Zelin added. “It used to be protected and it is so watered down with the internet age that people really don’t care they stealing somebody’s intellectual property.”

“…My boss says it is a risk making movies,” Smith added. “It costs a lot of money to make movies. If I make movies, I want to sell the movies that is why i made them, but if you take them and give them to people I would have sold them to, you really have stolen what I paid to create.”

Zelin contended that Congress was moving too swiftly with anti-piracy legislation. “We are reacting too quickly,” he claimed. “It is a knee-jerk reaction.”

“Forgive me when I laugh at you and you end up in jail because these artists created this stuff and they make their living off selling this stuff, if you steal this stuff and I pay for it, I will laugh when you find your butt in jail.”

“Going after Google and Verizon, that is the problem,” Zelin interjected. “You are targeting the wrong problem here.”

Watch Smith argue SOPA with his legal panelists below via Fox News:

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