Fox’s Steve Doocy: Democrats ‘Invented’ War On Women Because Stimulus ‘Didn’t Work Out So Well’

On Monday’s Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy tackled the topic of the “war on women.” The whole notion, he said, is “invented” by Democrats because it turns out the stimulus “didn’t work out so well.” So in a last-ditch effort to appeal to women voters, he said, they’re arguing Republicans are against women.

Doocy contended that President Obama would have a tough time campaigning on his economic record, citing rising gas prices (an average of $7 a gallon on Catalina Island in California). He then went on to say, “You know, the stimulus didn’t work out so well and he’s got a lot of problems.” So, “in the last couple of months what they have done, the Democrats, is that they have invented this phony war on women,” Doocy argued. “They said Republicans are against women.”

He continued: “There’s not really a war on women. There’s a war for women because they would like to have as many women vote for their candidate.”

The crew noted that the plan seems to be working, but questioned whether it’s authentic. Implying that it’s not, the segment then referred to a clip of Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver saying, on CNN, that both sides are wrong, whether they’re declaring a war on women or a war on religion. “We’ve got to quit exaggerating our political differences,” he told Candy Crowley on Sunday.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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