Fox’s Steve Doocy Dismisses State Sex-Ed App: ‘Kids Can Just Google It’

Fox & Friends tackled the newest controversy in sex-ed Monday morning: an app that allows teens to text the government questions about S-E-X—Steve Doocy’s term for it. The F&F trio pondered why people needed the state to answer birds-and-bees queries when they were multiple other options available, including parental car rides, health class, and the internet.

“Don’t we have health class?” Brian Kilmeade asked. “Isn’t that what health is about?”

“If a kid has a smart phone, and most kids do, they can just Google it,” Doocy said. “They don’t need to contact the state. Google gives all the answers—unfortunately.”

“You can Google, you can use images, you can do whatever you want,” Kilmeade said. “I’m just saying, there are various different options.”

“I would like a notification if the kid is sending a question in,” nouveau host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said. “Parents should get notification.”

Hasselbeck added that she’d texted the program to see what the response would be like.

“I’m still waiting,” Hasselbeck said. “They have a 24-hour waiting period.”

“What was the question?” Doocy asked. “It was…of a personal nature?”

“It was personal,” Hasselbeck said. “The government has it now.”

Watch the full segment below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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