Fox’s Stirewalt: I’d Tell Ralph Northam Dig In and Wait for Republicans to Defend Me From the ‘Lynch Mob’


Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt says Ralph Northam should bunker down and see if any Republicans come out to defend him from the “lynch mob” demanding his resignation for his recent controversies.

Stirewalt was on America’s Newsroom on Monday to talk about the Virginia governor’s widely-derided handling of the fallout from the resurfaced blackface and Ku Klux Klan photos from his yearbook page. As he panned Northam’s “uniquely awful and terrible” press conference to address the photo, Stirewalt said that, if he were Northam, he wouldn’t leave his post just yet.

“If I was Ralph Northam, I wouldn’t be going anywhere. I would be digging in and waiting. You know what I would be waiting for? I would be waiting for Republicans. It will be Republicans in the end. Even though this is the guy who, in the grimest possible terms talked about what Republicans and pro-life people say is infanticide, they will come around on this issue for him because…Republicans are highly conscious about the lynch mob, the Internet mob. As it forms up, they’re more sensitive to these issues. If I was Northam, I would dig in.”

As Stirewalt somewhat pointed out, it’s unlikely conservatives will find a reason to have Northam’s back amid his scandals. Plenty of conservatives are joining Democrats in condemnation of Northam’s racist photo, plus there’s the ongoing controversy among the right over the governor’s support for a bill allowing late-term abortions.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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