Fox’s Tammy Bruce Confuses Federalist Writer With a Member of Federalist Society


Tammy Bruce had her debut hosting gig on Tuesday night, filling in for Tucker Carlson‘s Fox News show, and demonstrated she apparently doesn’t know the difference between the Federalist website and the Federalist Society.

Things got awkward in an interview with Federalist writer John Daniel Davidson about Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Justice, who Bruce mistook for a member of the Federalist Society.

“We’ve all seen a lot of this outrage regularly,” Bruce said to Davidson. “Being at the Federalist — I guess you’re supposed to be evil. I’m wondering on that list that you’ve helped to create for the president with judicial nominees, if like Godzilla and maybe Mothra are on that list. I mean the hysteria we’re seeing over this is pretty astounding.”

It appears that Bruce thinks Davidson works for the Federalist Society, an highly influential organization of conservative lawyers that crafted a list of Supreme Court Justice candidates off which Trump picked Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Johnson does not, however, work for the Federalist Society, a fact he failed to mention to Bruce. He works for the Federalist, Ben Domenech‘s factory of terrible hot takes disguised as high brow conservative writing.

“Knowing the quality of all the judges that you’ve put on that list for the president,” Bruce continued, unabated, “including of course Judge Gorsuch that you’ve consulted with and now Judge Cavanaugh, what is your take on the nature of the reaction that we’ve been seeing to it?”

So who messed up? Did a booker accidentally invite someone on thinking they were from the Federalist Society? Or did Bruce go off script not realizing who she was speaking to?

Either way, the flub was almost as stunning as Bruce’s appearance on Tucker’s show last year when she called an 8-year-old boy with autism a “snowflake”.

Watch above, via Fox News. H/t Contemptor.

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