Fox’s Tammy Bruce: Obama Told Trump to ‘Stop Whining’ About Interference With the Election

A day after it was announced that 13 Russian officials and three Russian entities were indicted for interfering in the 2016 presidential election, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce claimed that the Russian efforts to meddle in the election were essentially Barack Obama’s fault. And that Obama told then-candidate Donald Trump to be quiet when Trump raised concerns about election issues.

“Many of the individuals who were indicted came in — into this country when John Kerry was Secretary of State under Barack Obama,” she said on Fox News this morning. “This is what we know.”

Stating that the indictments show that the meddling was an “anti-Hillary effort,” Bruce claimed that Russia began hating Clinton because Vladimir Putin believed the United States interfered in Russia’s election.

“The Obama administration openly interfered with Israel’s election,” Bruce added. “So Obama’s administration was not making friends, despite his efforts to tell Medvedev and Putin he would have more flexibility after 2012 to work with them.”

After claiming that it was clear that Obama wasn’t doing enough to stop the Russians and was actually “facilitating to some degree,” the conservative radio host then indicated that Trump and others were the ones sounding the alarm on election interference while Obama wanted them to stop complaining.

“I would suggest that through this campaign, in the summertime, Barack Obama was telling Donald Trump to stop whining about issues regarding the campaign and interference with the election,” she declared. “So there’s the sitting president — when they thought Hillary was going to win — was telling a man and other individuals concerned about efforts to interfere and meddle with the election to shut up, effectively.”

Bruce concluded, “When we think about who is responsible for this — this is a many years, even pre-2014 effort and I think we need to look at how this happened at the beginning and that belongs with Barack obama at this point.”

It should be noted that Trump has repeatedly expressed doubt that Russia meddled in the election to hurt Clinton’s campaign and boost his, calling the idea a “hoax” and a “made-up thing” at various points. Days before these latest indictments, it was reported that the president was still skeptical that Russia interfered.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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