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Fox’s Tantaros: NY Times ‘Profiting Off Bigotry’ with Atheist Ad?

The New York Times ran a full page ad last week from the Freedom From Religion Foundation railing against the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision. But the ad happened to mention the Supreme Court is majority-Catholic, leading Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros to ask if the Times is “profiting off of bigotry.”

Here’s the full ad (which is basically a fundraising tool for the FFRF) in question:

There are exactly two mentions of Catholicism in the ad: once where it says “All-Male, All-Roman Catholic Majority On Supreme Court Puts Religious Wrongs Over Women’s Rights,” and again, a little farther down, where it reads “The Supreme Court’s ultra-conservative, Roman Catholic majority…”

From that, Tantaros decried the ad as offensive, surmised that if it read “all-female” or “all-Jewish” instead, “there would be armageddon,” but not when it’s against Catholics. And she even asked, “Isn’t this profiting off of bigotry?”

She continued on to wonder if there’s a “bigotry against Catholics in the Democratic Party” and said that the ad is “the face of progressivism revealing its ugly head.”

Watch the segment below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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