Fox’s Tantaros Unloads: Obama Should Just ‘Call Gay Athletes’ and Stay Off Global Stage

Fox News’s Andrea Tantaros, always a stern critic of President Barack Obama, went off on him again Friday while she and her co-hosts discussed U.S.-Russia relations.

“I’ll tell you what I expect him not to do,” she said. “I expect him to not have open mic deals done about flexibility after elections. I expect him to not impose weak sanctions on Russia. I expect him to not try and disarm our nuclear defenses. I expect him to encourage Ukraine to join NATO so they can be stronger. And I also expect him to be strong.”

Tantaros, getting more heated, continued:

I mean, look, if he can’t even enforce our own borders, he’s not going to be able to enforce the borders of other countries. So, you know what I say? good let him go. I would much rather have him not playing in hard cities where real armies can march. Let him call gay athletes, let him do “war on women” press conferences. Let him talk about birth control and infrastructure. I don’t want him playing on a global stage, because he’s going to muddle it and mess it up. So, everybody hold your nose and hang on because the next two years are gonna be crazy.

Watch via Fox News:

[Featured image via Fox News/screengrab]

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