The Five Descends Into Bizarre Segment While Watching Obama’s Early Vote

While rolling live video of President Barack Obama submitting his early vote this afternoon at a local polling place in Chicago, Ill., Fox News’ The Five quickly became incoherent as the hosts scrambled for something… anything… to say about what was being shown on screen.

At first, when the president first appeared on-screen, the hosts cracked a variety of jokes: Eric Bolling asked whether the president has to show his identification; Kimberly Guilfoyle remarked at how overly-excited the poll volunteers were; and Dana Perino praised a worker for choosing to wear lavender-colored clothing today.

As the president slowly made his way through the hallway, glad-handing and chatting up the elderly volunteers, The Five began to run out of things to say. Aside from Greg Gutfeld quipping that it’s fitting for the president to cast an absentee ballot — “because he’s an absentee president!” — the hosts mostly tried to figure out how to kill the time.

When Perino thought it was an appropriate time to cut to commercial, she was seemingly told otherwise by the control room, and told her colleagues: “I guess we’re apparently going to keep talking. Can someone else think of something to say?”

“Somebody run the Bowflex commercial,” joked Guilfoyle, as Bob Beckel sarcastically added that “it’s a real shame” they’ve changed the Chicago voting system so that you can’t steal votes anymore.

“This looks a lot like my wedding,” said Gutfeld, before Perino pleaded with Bolling to “save us with something.”

Aware of just how little was actually happening in the video and in their Fox studio, Perino said, “This is really riveting television. Do not change the channel.”

“The next segment we’re going to be watching him shop,” a self-aware Gutfeld mocked. “It’s going to be pretty riveting.”

Perino was able to temporarily corral the group into discussing the financials of the RNC and DNC, but not before Bolling commented that it was taking Obama a particularly long time to get to the actual voting booth.

“What’s taking him so long?” the conservative co-host asked. He’s checking everything off, like: Date of birth? Check. Place of birth? Check. He’s just checking all these things off.”

Interpreting this to be a birther joke, Guilfoyle said: “Oh my God. Okay, mini Trump.”

Bolling then took the opportunity to say that if this were Mitt Romney, he would simply “walk in and take the form, sign it, give it back and get in the booth, vote and get out of there and get back out on the trail,” compared to the president’s seemingly unending photo opportunity.

“I think he is enjoying his moment and he is making me talk,” Perino said.

“Dana, we can’t keep this up. This’ll go straight into [the next show on Fox] Special Report,” warned Guilfoyle.

Eventually Perino asked the control room “Can we get out of here?” and was relieved to say she could finally end the segment. “Yes!” exclaimed a relieved Guilfoyle. “That was horrible,” remarked Gutfeld.

And so ended the mess.

Watch below, via Fox:

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