Fox’s The Five Downplays Impeachment Report: ‘No One is Talking About Ukraine’


The conservative hosts of The Five downplayed House Democrats’ new report on their impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump, arguing that their efforts are “unpatriotic” and “now under water.”

The show’s token liberal, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams, argued that Democrats are offering some “factual basis” for their impeachment push in their 300-page report that accuses Trump of using “the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election,” but his fellow panelists insisted the whole debacle is an unpopular politicized sham.

“The question is, is this unpatriotic?” host Greg Gutfeld asked of impeachment. “Is it unpatriotic to undo an election in a process that started the day after the election? Yeah, I would say that’s unpatriotic. Trying to cancel the votes of half of the country to soothe your emotional damage because daddy hurt you? That’s unpatriotic — it says a lot about your emotional state. Proceeding with the circus knowing that there is a split in the country, that half the country is against it, yeah that is unpatriotic because you know — could it create widespread discontent and perhaps economic collapse? I would say that’s unpatriotic.”

Jesse Watters chimed in later to insist that the Democrats’ case is lackluster and that their proceedings are not interesting or important to the general public.

“Come on, Juan. You went home to Thanksgiving, no one is talking about Ukraine, my liberal mother’s not talking about Ukraine,” said Watters. “The whole thing backfired. If you look at every single swing state, impeachment is now under water. This unified Republicans more than it unified Democrats. Democrats are broke.”

Gutfeld concluded the discussion by saying he hopes Democrats continue their impeachment probe “because it’s something to talk about on The Five during the slow days.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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