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Fox’s The Five Gets Heated Over Trump Ordering Strike: ‘Don’t Discount the Threat’ of Retaliation

On Fox News’ The Five today, co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Marie Harf got heated over whether the strike that took out a top Iranian commander was the right strategic decision.

Harf, a former Obama State Department official, asked why the decision was made now and asked if it was “worth the risk,” a factor considered by previous administrations.

“I agree that he was an evil person. There are a lot of evil people in the world. We need to know what the Trump administration’s plan is for what comes next. How are they going to get back to the negotiating table? How are they going to handle possible retribution, which could come in ways that we see and ways that we don’t,” she added.

When Hegseth audibly reacted, Harf said, “It’s not funny, Pete.”

“Iran is going to come limping back to the negotiating table,” he responded.

“I won’t take that bet from you today, Pete. They will not,” Harf said.

Hegseth mocked the “oh, Iran’s going to do something, oh no” responses to the strike and said right now it’s Iran that should be worried.

“Don’t discount the threat to our people in the region!” Harf said.

Hegseth said he does understand that threat. Harf said, “As do I, we both do, so don’t discount that.”

“Why do we play into their narrative by pretending like they’re this all powerful…” he started.

“We’re not playing into their narrative, but ignoring the threat is not going to make it go away,” Harf responded.

They continued in the next segment as the co-hosts discussed the political and media reactions to the strikes and criticism of the president. At one point, Hegseth said, “Imagine if he had not acted. The amount of negligence he would be charged with for knowing about the gathering threat and not stepping up.”

“If there really was an imminent threat,” Harf said. “I mean, there have been imminent threats from Soleimani for decades… that’s why I keep harping on about actually knowing more about this. Because I think the American people deserve the knowledge about why this time was different with all of the potential downsides that will come from the strike.”

“Like Qaddafi in 2011, there were lots of downsides that came from that too,” Hegseth said.

“We are not talking about 2011, we’re talking about today and President Trump,” Harf responded.

“Why can’t you say this is a bad guy who is dead and that is a good thing?” Hegseth asked.

“Because the consequences that come from it could have far-reaching strategic negative impacts on the United States that outweigh the benefit from it,” Harf said. “This is the most consequential decision that an American administration has taken in the Middle East since the decision to invade Iraq in 2003, and I just haven’t seen the strategic planning from the Trump Administration that makes me think they know what will come next.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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