Fox’s Wallace Grills Liberal Guest: Isn’t Obamacare Just ‘Income Redistribution?’


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace interrogated Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, on whether the Affordable Care Act constituted “income redistribution” by using higher premiums for younger people to underwrite subsidies for older customers, while with Ethics & Public Policy Center senior fellow James Capretta alleged that Obamacare raises taxes to fund Medicaid subsidies.

“It sounds like what you’re saying is younger people are going to pay more to subsidize older, sicker people,” Wallace challenged.

“It depends on their income, and a whole variety of issues,” Tanden said. “A lot of people are seeing a much better deal in this system. There’s a big question about whether younger people should actually have a much better deal in the system, because they’re going to get pooled with a lot of other people.”

“You’re right about income redistribution,” Capretta said. “It’s $250 billion a year in Medicaid expansion and the subsidy structure that’s basically being paid for by people on Medicare through Medicare cuts and a lot of tax increases. If you want to know what the bill is really about, people in their most honest and candid moments wil admit that it’s basically taking $250 billion a year out of taxes and Medicare, and moving it into the Medicaid expansion and subsidy structures…It is a massive, massive income redistribution.”

“It’s just not fair to say they’re not getting a better health care plan,” Tanden replied. “That’s the challenge with the individual market…it’s not really insurance for a lot of people, because when you get sick, it’s not there for you.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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