Fox’s Wallace on Obama: You’ve Got a Problem ‘When Elizabeth Warren’s to Your Right’

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace slowed Fox & Friends’ roll on President Barack Obama’s approval rating Friday morning (it is Friday, right?), arguing that his low numbers suggest less an appetite for war than for the ever-nebulous “weakness.” For proof, he pointed out that even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the lefty’s lefty, is sounding stronger on ISIS than Obama.

“I think the thing that is upsetting them so much is the idea of weakness,” Wallace said. “They don’t like the idea of America and the American president being pushed around, whether it’s by [ISIS leader] al-Bagdhadi in the Middle East, whether it’s by Putin on the Russia-Syria border. I think it’s that weakness that’s upsetting people.”

“You have Elizabeth Warren — you don’t get much further to the left in the Democratic Party than Elizabeth Warren — and she did an interview yesterday or the day before in which she talked tougher than the President of the United States and talked about destroying ISIS. Well, when Elizabeth Warren is to your right, you’ve got an issue if you’re the Commander in Chief.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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