NYT’s Frank Bruni Blames Border Wall Stalemate on Ann Coulter’s Influence on Trump’s Self-Esteem

As the government shutdown moves into its 26th day, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni is arguing that the deadlock between Donald Trump and Congress continues to stem from the influence conservative media has over the president.

Bruni’s remarks came as he partook in a CNN New Day segment that discussed Trump’s refusal to reach a compromise with congressional Democrats on a new spending bill. John Berman used this to draw focus on the interview Ann Coulter gave recently where she said Trump is politically “dead in the water” if he fails to build his wall.

Bruni reacted to Coulter’s remarks by saying not only does Trump consider her a threat, but also it comes back to his effort to maintain his “self-esteem.”

“His self-esteem is on the line because people like her have said ‘if you do this, if you don’t deliver on your promise you are nothing, you’re impotent.’ He’s heard that and it hurts.”

As Bruni continued by lambasting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not being more publicly active over the shutdown squabble, John Avlon jumped in to say “Prime Minister Coulter doesn’t seem to be working terrible well.” Rachel Bade assessed that McConnell’s subservience to Trump on the shutdown was part of his effort to stay in the good graces of his pro-Trump voter base.

Watch above, via CNN.

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