Frank Bruni: Donald Trump ‘Is More Isolated Than He Ever Has Been’


Between the government shutdown and, well, everything else Donald Trump has had to deal with of late, Frank Bruni suspects the president is feeling more alone than he ever has been in office.

The New York Times columnist joined CNN’s New Day on Friday to talk about what Nancy Pelosi and her congressional allies are likely to do once Democrats take control of the House in the coming days. Bruni hypothesized that with the shutdown battle, Republican frustrations and upcoming departures from the White House all on Trump’s plate, this has to be taking a psychological toll on the president.

“He has felt like a martyr and portrayed himself as a victim for the last two years, even while Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress. If that is how he felt and talked when he had everything going his way, what’s it gonna be like over the next year?”

As Bruni wondered how much longer Republicans will stand by Trump if the country continues on its current course, he concluded by saying “these are turbulent times for Donald Trump and I think he’s more isolated than he ever has been.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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