Frank Bruni on Trump: We Just Witnessed an ‘Act of Self-Immolation Without the Flames’

President Donald Trump offered a dizzying, if not confused, explanation of his comments that followed the deadly protest in Charlottesville this past weekend, but also touched on a number of issues that are sure to be parsed and discussed on cable news outlets in the coming hours, days, millennia.

The takes are coming hot and fast, and NY Times columnist — and MSNBC contributor —  Frank Bruni is out of the gates early, with some top-shelf hyperbole and graphic adjectives in describing Trump’s presser.

Bruni called it an “act of self-immolation by a man by a man who can’t take criticism,” without the flames. He went on to say that Trump “obviously meant what he said on Saturday,” (when he blamed the violence on “many sides”) adding that  Trump’s comment yesterday, he “obviously only said what he said because he was being made to.”

For flourish, Bruni added that, in his view, Trump’s comments were akin to “a child pouting…a narcissist screaming,” finishing off with “whatever hole he was trying to dig out of he made three leagues deeper.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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