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Frank Rich: ‘If You Put A Reloaded Gun’ Up To Palin Would She Know About Bill Ayers?

New York magazine’s Frank Rich stopped by Martin Bashir‘s MSNBC show to express his disappointment with President Obama, his expectation that the backlash against Rupert Murdoch in England will soon come to America and his general bewilderment with everything Sarah Palin. Bashir didn’t let Rich have all the “fun” though, as he compared the Tea Party to recalcitrant children who took control of their parents and wondered about Palin what her purpose might be if she doesn’t run for President?

Rich suggested that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have a great advantage over many other candidates in 2012, including Obama, since they didn’t have any part of the nightmare that just took place in Washington. And about Obama, Rich complains:

“There was not much leadership from him – that someone has given him the idea that if you’re the adult in the room and you’re willing to compromise and you’re an agreeable guy, that somehow will appeal to independents and get him re-elected. I’m not so sure.”

Turning their focus to Palin, after she defended the Tea Party against accusations of being “domestic terrorists” by bringing up Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers, Bashir commented “remarkable that she remembered Bill Ayers.” And Rich was confident she didn’t really even know anything about Ayers:

“If you put a reloaded gun in front of her, to use her language, would she be able to actually remember anything Bill Ayers actually did? Or what his relationship to Obama was? . . . Who knows what she’s up to?”

Despite some over-the-top gun imagery from Rich, he actually thinks it would be “hilarious” if she ran for President. Especially since Frank wonders whether “just being on the Fox payroll” is enough to satisfy her, he ultimately wouldn’t be shocked if Palin does jump into the race.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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