Franklin Graham to Fox & Friends Viewers Threatened by Hurricane: God is Not Mad at You


Christian Reverend Franklin Graham reminded TV viewers of his commitment to evangelicalism during an appearance on the top-rated morning show cable news. Graham’s goal is to spread the word of the Gospel and did so by providing comfort for Fox & Friends viewers under threat from Hurricane Florence.

“Many people think that when a storm comes that maybe God is mad at them. He’s not.”

Cable news viewers who think natural disasters are evidence of a vengeful God are most likely to tune in to Fox & Friends given the very Pro-Trump show’s predilection for praising Jesus. Graham’s note of comfort stands in contrast to his previous comments that suggest natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes remind “us to be ready” for God’s return.

Despite a landfall planned for this evening, cable news is all in its coverage of Hurricane Florence which has all the makings for a very dangerous disaster for the coastal region of the Carolinas. A big part of disaster coverage is the inevitable recovery, which Fox & Friends producers appeared to exploit for political discussion of government vs. volunteer efforts.

Graham was promoting his group “Samaritan’s Purse” which volunteers to enter recovery areas to help those in need. Co-host Pete Hegseth asked his guest “we hear so much about the government response and how the government will respond. You are saying free people and charity ultimately needs to fill that gap as well. How much of this recovery effort will be led by groups like yours?”

Graham replied that there is no question that the government “plays a big role in this,” adding “they will do their part. But the volunteers, the hands and feet that actually are on the ground, that is going to be done by volunteers.”

Mediate salute’s Graham’s efforts for recovery and sincerely hopes everyone affected by Hurricane Florence stays safe.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.


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