Fred Armisen Does ‘Mick Jagger’ In Front Of Actual Mick Jagger On SNL

Mick Jagger’s comedic abilities are limited, but opportunities to make fun of his image are infinite, and the sketch in which Jagger played a shy insurance salesman stuck at a karaoke bar on a business trip was a great chance for the show to exploit some of them. First Fred Armisen went up to the microphone and did a respectable cover of “Start Me Up,” complete with many of Jagger’s trademark preening dance moves and bizarre faces. Mick Jagger the insurance salesman was not impressed.

Next, Bobby Moynihan went onto the stage to do a subpar Mick Jagger impression, which was received extremely well by the rapt audience (who also agreed that “Moves Like Jagger” was their favorite Rolling Stones song). Smartly, this bit was abandoned in favor of Mick Jagger performing a melancholy, depressed version of “Satisfaction” under a single spotlight after being ditched by his fellow insurance salesmen. These might have been cheap laughs, but I don’t feel the least bit guilty about them.

You can see the sketch here via NBC:

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