Fresh Off the Boat Creator Eddie Huang Rejects His Own Show: ‘I Don’t Recognize My Own Life’

Earlier this year, ABC premiered Fresh Off The Boat to great success, proving that a sitcom starring an Asian-American family could be a hit. But though the show has fantastic ratings and historical status — the last Asian-American network sitcom, Margaret Cho‘s All-American Girl, was a disaster — the show’s creator, Eddie Huang, admitted yesterday that he was disappointed that the show wasn’t true to his life and no longer watched the show.

Huang’s memoir, also titled Fresh Off the Boat, was a frank and raw account of his childhood, with tales of domestic violence, bullying, drugs, and arrests for assault. (Let’s just say it resonates with a lot of Asian-American readers.) His own adult life, in which he’s been a drug dealer, lawyer, chef, restaurateur, TV host, and porn aficionado, and author, is just as brash. And Fresh Off the Boat is, for all its groundbreaking status…a rather adorable show about a chubby Asian boy who loves Tupac and a candy-colored family who wants the American Dream.

A painfully-aware Huang, who wrote an essay in February outlining his regrets but remaining hopeful about the show, seems to agree:

Oof. While it’s awesome seeing Huang break new ground, he definitely did so at a cost — dude, you kind of got reversed Hattie McDaniel‘d here.

[Image via Alex Lozupone/Wikimedia Commons]

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