Fresh Prince Of Barometric Air Pressure: Prince Charles Is The BBC’s Weather Man For A Day

I consider myself a bit of an anglophile. I’m one of those annoying guys who can’t have a conversation about Veep without bringing up The Thick of It and still calls the Ricky Gervais version of The Office “The Real Office.” That being said, as much as I love British entertainment and culture, I know next to nothing about how their monarchy works. If you were to ask me what a royal does with their time, my first two answers would probably be “Run a service that James Bond is on” and “Have big ass weddings.” However, I know enough to know that the royal family never goes on TV to do the weather report. That’s why this video of Charles, Prince of Wales, is so much fun.

Prince Charles popped by BBC Scotland, which is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary, and, during his time there, decided to try his hand at weather man. He used a specially written script and did pretty well.

Honestly, he should probably go back to BBC proper and apply for a full time meteorologist position. He’s got a knack for it and, honestly, it’s not like it would be that hard. I mean, the weather in London changes like, what, twice a year tops?

Watch the clip from BBC Scotland below:

(h/t BBC News)

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