Fusion TV Mocks CNN’s Crossfire with ‘Crab Fire’

Fusion, the recently-launched cable news and entertainment channel aimed at millennials, appears determined to take its more traditional competitors down a notch, especially with the nightly “public affairs discussion program” No, You Shut Up! that just happens to feature a panel of opinionated puppets. This week, the show, hosted by comedian Paul F. Tompkins, introduced a new segment called “Crab Fire” that bears a close resemblance to this recently-rebooted Crossfire on CNN.

In the clip below, a blue crab, representing to left and a red crab, representing the right, battle over the issue of gun control with about as much nuance as you’re likely to find in most Crossfire segments. While the Republican crab is fighting for the Second Amendment, the Democrat says he’s perfectly fine defending himself with his claws “like any normal crab.”

Things go quickly off the rails when the blue crab admits he wishes he had a gun so he could use it on his ideological opponent. Tonight, in the Crab Fire…

Watch video below, via Fusion:

[photo via screengrab]

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