Gabe Sherman Offers Final Thoughts on Roger Ailes: ‘He Ends the Final Chapter of His Life Totally Alone’


U.S. media briefly stepped away from Donald Trump today to report that former Fox News chief Roger Ailes had died. The news was first broken by the Drudge Report.

While pundits and wags scrambled to remember, eulogize and take their parting shots, few of their observations carry as much weight as Gabe Sherman. The New York Magazine editor wrote an acclaimed book about Ailes and his time astride the network he created.

Sherman called into the Today Show, Thursday where host Matt Lauer asked him to reflect on Ailes’ legacy.

“On the one hand he is a revolution. He changed both media and politics forever. He built Fox News from nothing into Rupert Murdoch’s most valuable asset,” said Sherman. “But on the other hand he ruled Fox News with an iron fist. Women who worked at Fox News as we’ve now learned through lawsuits were subject to a hostile work environment and sexual harassment and Ailes could be a domineering a terrorizing figure within the company.”

After his ignominious departure from Fox News over charges of sexual harassment, Ailes spent much of his time in Palm Beach, where Sherman said he died isolated and “totally alone”

“On one hand a genius but also a very tragic. In some ways his quest for power consumed him,” he said. “He basically ends the final chapter of his life totally alone.”

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