Gabriel Sherman Hits O’Reilly: ‘Basically Shaming Victims Too Scared to Come Forward’


Gabriel Sherman says that the latest revelations about Bill O’Reilly‘s harassment lawsuits are a reflection of the working environment established by Roger Ailes.

Sherman––who has reported on Fox News and Ailes for years––began by saying O’Reilly’s $32 million settlement with Lis Wiehl was “shocking” when compared to Gretchen Carlson‘s payout from her accusations against Fox’s former network chief. Sherman also found it interesting that O’Reilly would fork over millions in settlements if the allegations against him are as false as he claims.

When Hayes brought up Eric Bolling‘s condemnation of O’Reilly for invoking his dead son in his recent tirade against the media, Sherman said it was part of O’Reilly’s “play the victim” strategy of shifting the onus onto other people. Sherman also said that the current developments fit with the “toxic culture” Ailes set up to silence harassment accusers before he was ousted from the network last year.

“O’Reilly is basically shaming victims who were too scared to come forward in saying it’s their fault they didn’t file through the proper channels,” said Sherman. “Roger Ailes presided over a toxic culture which is now coming into the light… All of these stories are coming out, and we’re going to continue to see a drumbeat of really what happened over the 20 years that Roger Ailes ran Fox News.”

Earlier today, former Fox Newser Megyn Kelly blasted O’Reilly for saying no one at the network tried to make a formal complaint against him. Kelly also shared the email she sent to Fox’s network executives with her sexual harassment complaints, which fell on deaf ears.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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