Gabrielle Giffords Tells Diane Sawyer How She Felt When Told Of Shooting: ‘I Cried’

In an interview that few thought would ever happen last January, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, alongside her husband, Mark Kelly, spoke to Diane Sawyer in her first interview since the fatal Tucson shooting that almost took her life. After narrating the incredible journey Giffords took to get to her current state, Giffords herself told Sawyer of the moment she realized others had died in the attack– when she realized her husband had skipped a paragraph in an article about her recovery.

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Giffords is still learning how to form questions, and has lost most of her vocabulary, but her mind is clear enough to understand many more concepts than her body can articulate with her mouth yet. She and Kelly explained the moment she found out about the six other deaths in the Tucson attacks– reading an article about her recovery, Kelly intentionally skipped a paragraph with the most brutal details. Giffords, still in bed, noticed, and pointed at the newspaper, specifically at the sentence “Six were dead.” “A lot of people died,” she told Sawyer, “I cried… Sad.”

Giffords clearly understands more than she can speak at the moment, and also answered less grave questions, like what she and her husband do for fun nowadays. She excitedly noted she wanted to take a trip with Kelly to Africa, and when he sarcastically claimed Giffords liked football, she repeated, laughing, “awful, awful.” She also remembers their first date: “prison”– a trip they took to a prison in order for her to better understand the demands of prison reform.

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The interview via ABC below:

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