‘Gallon Smashing’ Teens Face Criminal Charges For Viral Grocery Store Prank

Virginia teens are facing criminal charges for recording themselves performing the popular teenage prank called “gallon smashing.” It’s a prank where the participants throw gallons of milk in the air and pretend to hurt themselves while wildly falling to the ground as if they were injured.

The Falls Church teens, two brothers and their cousin, are being charged with misdemeanors for destruction of property and disorderly conducted. According to the police they have been investigating this prank for over a month and continued even after the original viral video posted by the teens was removed from YouTube.

In many of the incidents of “gallon smashing” customers or staff come to the assistance of the teens after the “fall” to the ground but the teens, going along with the gag, struggle to get up faking injuries and the ability to stand up straight.

These pranks took off sometime in February with a single video called the “Gallon Smash Prank” that spawned multiple copycats. The teens being charged in Virginia are not the first to face charges as authorities in other communities have cracked down on the practice of recording yourself smashing gallons of milk in a grocery story and then post in on the internet for the world to see.

Here’s a compilation of several gallon smashing incidents.

Watch the report on the arrests below via Fox 5

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