Game Show Host Marc Summers Does Not Care for Your Twitter Trolling


Children of the late ’80s and early ’90s best know Marc Summers as the host of Nickelodeon game shows Double Dare, Family Double Dare, and What Would You Do? But where has he been since? Well, he now hosts Unwrapped on the Food Network and he really doesn’t like it when you troll him on Twitter.

Out of what we will just assume was straight-up boredom, Twitter user “Frogman La Blanc” wondered aloud on Monday whether it could be considered a threat of violence for someone to tweet that they want to shake Summers’ hand (The context here: During the early days of his career, Summers spoke about battling obsessive compulsive disorder and several other anxieties, eventually working through it enough to shake guests’ hands and interact free of panic):

Summers must have a search for his own name on Twitter because he somehow found the tweet and pushed back rather aggressively:

The insults then flew back and forth:

And others jumped in:

And more:

Full thread here. Well worth the glance if you’re bored.

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