Gary Johnson Makes His ‘What’s Aleppo?’ Gaffe Worse with Weird iPhone Interview in Hallway

2thumbMoments after Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson exploded his own candidacy by asking the Morning Joe crew what an “Aleppo” is, the former New Mexico governor scattered his own remains by giving Mark Halperin a weird, brief interview out in the hall, which the Morning Joe crew weirdly broadcast by having co-host Mika Brzezinski literally hold up a smartphone with the video playing. Johnson’s attempt at damage control only made things worse, as he proceeded to sarcastically plead “guilty” to not knowing the name of the key strategic city Syria:

Well, when you recognize what is going on in Syria, when you recognize that Aleppo is in kind of the epicenter — Aleppo — not knowing that there’s a city in between the two forces, really at the epicenter of the — but not remembering or identifying that that’s Aleppo, guilty.

Johnson’s gaffe will likely be fatal to his candidacy, but it raises two interesting questions: will anyone ask Donald Trump about Aleppo, and will it have any effect on Trump’s support when he replies that he prefers Ken-L Ration?

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