Gary Johnson Wants to Be President Because Fighting Terrorism is ‘Interesting and Challenging’


Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson lived up to his “What is Aleppo?” national security cred when he appeared on CNN’s New Day Monday morning to talk about this weekend’s rash of nonlethal terrorist attacks, and floundered like a discredited Arthur Treacher’s line cook. Even with 24 hours to think about it since his last appearance on CNN, during which he expressed gratitude that “nobody got hurt” in the attacks that actually saw 38 people injured, Johnson was no more prepared to explain what he would do about terrorism if elected president.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota began by asking Johnson that very fundamental question, and Johnson began by expressing just how “amazed” he has always been at “just how qualified” law enforcement personnel are. It didn’t get any better from there, as Gov. Johnson posited the Orlando shooter as an example of a system that’s “working up to a certain point,” told Camerota “I wish I had this intelligence” to know what needs to be fixed, and described his quest for the presidency the way you might describe a Learning Annex course on napkin origami:

But it’s really a collaborative effort, and as president of the United States, you know, you’re going to be the arbiter-in-chief over all of this. And it’s why I’m seeking the job. I just — I just found it to be incredibly challenging, interesting, and interesting from the standpoint of always trying to make things better. I mean that’s.. as humankind. As citizens of this country.

Johnson eventually got around to naming such specific improvements as “more pro-action” and “an enhanced task force to actually deal with potential tips,” as well as “resources.” He might be on to something with that whole “potential tips” thing, because imagine if there were some mechanism for people to say something if they see something suspicious? Maybe there should also be some point at which people are checked when they go to the airport. Johnson’s right, this is interesting.


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