Gayle King at Southern Border: the Statue of Liberty is ‘Weeping Right Now’


CBS News’s Gayle King is at the U.S. southern border in Texas Monday to cover the separation of child migrants from their families amidst a public backlash to the Trump administration policy.

King, who arrived at the border on Sunday, said she first visited a border patrol facility in McAllen, Texas where hundreds of children were being detained.

“We arrived yesterday afternoon,” she said on Monday. “We went straight to the location where kids and their parents were reunited. All I can say after talking to the people, watching the people, listening to the people: the Statue of Liberty I think is weeping right now.”

“It’s unbelievable the stories that we’ve heard, and we’ll share them with you through the course of these two hours,” she said.

King spoke with CBS News reporter David Begnaud, who visited one Texas facility in which thousands were being processed, and described what he saw.

“We saw people in cages, they looked like animals kennels,” Begnaud said.

“Cages?” King asked.

“Cages, but they looked like kennels if you will, that animals would be in,” he said.

Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen denied on Sunday that the Trump administration has a policy of separating families. It does, however, have a new “zero tolerance” policy, implemented by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April, that requires illegal border crossers to be charged (and have their children detained as a result.)

Watch above, via CBS News.

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