Gayle King Demands Transparency From CBS’ Les Moonves Probe: ‘I’m Sickened by Everything We Keep Hearing’


In a candid moment on CBS This MorningGayle King expressed deep concern over sexual misconduct allegations against former C.E.O. Les Moonves, calling for transparency from the network.

“I’m so sorry again that it hits so close to home for us,” she said Tuesday. “I’m sick and sick of the story and sickened by everything that we keep hearing.”

Moonves, who is making his exit from CBS as a handful of women accuse the media mogul of both harassment and assault, has again stirred controversy at the company amid the #MeToo era in which decades’ worth of bad behavior is finally coming to light.

On that matter, King asked for honesty, stating, “I would think how can we have this investigation and not know how it comes out?”

While she acknowledged Moonves’ denials of the accounts, describing his actions as consensual, King also noted, “I would think it would be in his best interest for us to hear what the report finds out.”

“On the other hand, you have women who are coming forward very credibly talking about something that’s so painful and so humiliating,” she added. “It’s been my experience that women don’t come out and speak this way for no reason. They just don’t. They just don’t do it. And so I don’t know how we move forward if we don’t, we at CBS, don’t have full transparency about what we find.”

Watch the clip above via CBS News.

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