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Gayle King Hits Back at Fox News Host Jesse Watters: ‘All Black People Don’t Look Alike’

Gayle King was asked about her reaction to Fox News host Jesse Watters confusing her with ABC’s Robin Roberts this week, and the CBS host revealed she mocked the flub in an email to one of Watters’ colleagues.

King’s interview with R. Kelly was widely praised, even by Watters, who said on The Five, “Hats off to Gayle King for totally redeeming herself after the Smollett fiasco.” Co-host Dana Perino had to correct him, noting Roberts had conducted the Smollett interview, and Watters apologized.

“Were you happy to hear that Fox News’ Jesse Watters gave you props for this interview after that Jussie Smollett interview you did?” Stephen Colbert asked King on the Late Show Thursday night.

“Oh my gosh Stephen, I couldn’t believe this,” King reacted.

The CBS This Morning anchor said she emailed Perino to thank her for the correction: “I said, ‘Hi, just wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I, it was a great compliment, but thank you for letting him know that we’re two different people.”

“And can you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people don’t look alike?” she added.

Watch above, via CBS.

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