Gen. Wesley Clark On Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal: “Let’s Just Get On With It”

Today on ABC’s This Week, Christiane Amanpour played host to a spirited debate over DADT with a panel of military experts, insiders, and veterans on both sides of the issue. The panel included Lieutenant Colonel Bob Maginnis, of the Family Research Council, and Elaine Donnelly, founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, both of whom oppose the repeal of DADT. Supporting the repeal on the panel were Clarke Cooper, an active Army reservist and executive director of the group Log Cabin Republicans, Tammy Schultz, director of the national security and joint warfare at the Marine Corps War College; and General Wesley Clark, the former NATO commander.

It was General Clark who perhaps most accurately summed up the back-and-forth debate over DADT that has taken place for the last several months, if not years: “…honestly, it shows the effects of six, eight months’ politicization, continuing coverage in the media, and some of it is just people in the military saying, just leave us alone and let us do our job. They come down on one side or the other of this. Let’s just get on with it,” he said.

Watch the video of the full debate below:

And part 2:

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