General Bill O’Reilly Declares the Official Start of the War on the War on Christmas™

It’s the first Monday in December, and you know what that means… yes, it’s the official beginning of the War on Christmas™, and the equally not-at-all overblown War on the War on Christmas™! And leading the brigade, as always, is General Bill O’Reilly, who opened his show Monday night with a scathing Talking Points Memo firing shot after shot at the enemies of Christmas, including the ACLU, atheists, and, of course, Macy’s.

O’Reilly declared that there are Americans who are just plain “offended” by any references to Jesus in the public square, and said “everything was swell” this time of year until, without warning, “creeping secularism and pressure groups like the ACLU began attacking the Christmas holiday.”

Of course, the War on Christmas™ warriors do have one advantage over the secularists: Hanukkah is already half over, meaning to O’Reilly that there is absolutely no excuse to use the plural “holidays” instead of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

He expressed disappointment at Macy’s for still engaging in the clear political correctness behind their use of the “holiday” term, and said the “oppressors” leading the fight against Christmas are the atheists who hate Christmas and everything about Christmas.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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