George Bush Reflects On 9/11 And Learning Of Bin Laden’s Capture

Previously, we’d told you that the National Geographic Channel is planning to air a 9/11 special focusing on former President George W. Bush thoughts during and after the terrorist attacks that demolished the World Trade Center towers and seriously damaged the Pentagon… as well as his reaction to learning that the man behind the attacks, Osama Bin Laden, had been found and killed.

Nat Geo (as all the cool kids are callin’ it) offered a little preview of the special (which airs on August 28th), providing further insight into the moment between Bush first learned that a plane had hit the towers (and surmised, as many of us did, that there must have been some unfortunate but isolated issue with the plane or the pilot) and when he was informed that the United States was, in fact, under attack.

Here, in a clip courtesy of the National Geographic Channel, Bush looks back on the eerie, history-shifting moment that he was first alerted that the plane crashes were deliberate. It was a day, he recalls, that “changed my presidency.” And a moment, we all know, that was caught on camera:

GMA played an additional preview this morning, wherein President Bush reflects on learning that bin Laden had finally been found. He offered his heartfelt congratulations to President Obama and to the special forces who raided the terrorist’s compound. The news, he remembers, gave him a sense of closure:

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