George Conway Unleashes on Trump in Blistering Tweetstorm: You Should Pay for Your Obstruction ‘With Your Office’


George Conway went full throttle on Sunday when he penned a Twitter essay to say Donald Trump‘s presidency should be forfeit because of his repeated attempts to obstruct Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

Earlier this morning, Trump got on Twitter to complain that Mueller’s probe was “a sick & unlawful investigation,” called it the “Witch Hunt” again, and decried the election-interference inquiry as a “total scam.”

Kellyanne Conway‘s husband, who has made his opposition to Trump quite clear by now, responded by defending the investigation and saying it was formed “with a legitimate basis” to look into a serious issue for the country. After calling Trump a “malignant narcissist” who refuses to recognize the seriousness of Russia’s actions, Mr. Conway goes on to accuse Trump of taking “multiple steps to obstruct,” putting his “self-interest” above national interest, and committing an offense “for which you should pay with your office.”

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