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George Stephanopoulos Challenges David Axelrod Over National Security Leaks

David Axelrod had a challenging morning ahead of him today– aside from dropping by CNN, Axelrod was the first guest on today’s This Week where, among other things, George Stephanopoulos challenged him to explain how the latest national security leaks could not have come from the White House, and how confident he is that will be proven.

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Stephanopoulos asked him first to respond to comments from Rep. Michele Bachmann that the White House had “of course” leaked the information, to which Axelrod responded by laughing. As for the fact that there were people in the room at the time the national security meetings leaked about were held, Axelrod responded that “I think the authors of all of this work have said the White House was not the source of this information,” and while “there were obviously leaks,” the President had nothing to do with them. “I sat with the President for two years,” Axelrod continued, “I don’t think there was anything that weighed on him more heavily than these life or death decisions.” He noted that this was the attitude that led him to be so upset publicly about being accused of leaking confidential information, and added that “we’re come under attack because we’ve been tougher on leaks than any administration in recent history.”

The segment via ABC below:

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