George Takei Slams ‘Grotesque’ Immigration Rhetoric from Trump and Fox News: They’re Repeating Lies


George Takei bashed Fox News on Sunday, railing against its response to the treatment of immigrants at the U.S.-Meixco border.

“They are so disassociated from reality,” he told CNN’s Brian Stelter during an interview. “For Ann Coulter’s calling wailing and sobbing of those babies actors, it is grotesque. It is absolutely inhumane to hear that kind of talk, and it is that, just by repetition, time and again, that people take to be the reality. It is a big lie.”

Takei, who drew upon his own experiences being detained in an internment camp during World War II, expressed grave concerns about President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric, saying history “is repeating itself” in a way worse than his own past.

“When we were incarcerated, our families were intact,” Takei said. “My parents were with me. But in this case, it’s come to a chilling low, where babies are torn away from their mothers and placed in separate internment camps.”

Asked by Stelter whether he felt comparisons to internment camps and Nazi Germany are “so inflammatory that they’re actually hurting your cause,” Takei said the real problem was the spread of false information.

“The inflammatory rhetoric is lies, and that’s a similarity between our incarceration and what’s happening today,” he told Stelter. “We were characterized by the government, classified as enemy aliens. We were neither.”

Referencing Hitler’s infamous propaganda technique, Takei said “the big lie is happening with Donald Trump now as well.”

“They are not murderers, rapists, and drug dealers,” he continued. “They are people fleeing for their lives, these Latinos coming from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. They are literally fleeing for their lives. Some of the women have seen their husbands killed in front of them. Their daughters threatened with rape. They are literally fleeing for their lives, and to call them infestations is absolutely grotesque.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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