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George Will: Dems Mistakenly Think Problem Is Messaging Not Policies

On 60 Minutes tonight President Obama tells Steve Kroft that one of the reasons the Dems lost a historic amount of seats in Tuesday’s Midterms was that his “messaging was the problem.” It’s hard to imagine how a President praised for his great oratorical skills during the campaign, and who has arguably appeared on in the media not only more than any other president in history, but more than most celebrities, can have failed to get his message across, but there you have it.

On This Week today George Will revealed what he thought the underlying message of this diagnosis was: the administration thinks the American people didn’t understand what the President was saying, not that they understood just fine and simply didn’t like it.

But the narrative of the Democrats, from the president and to the former and perhaps soon to be again Speaker Pelosi, have adopted is, there’s nothing wrong with our policies. The election had nothing to do with the substance of government. It was all a terrible misunderstanding because we made some communication mistakes. I gather tonight on “60 Minutes,” the president will say he has to master the art of couching his arguments in ways the people can understand, so it’s fundamentally a problem with the American people.

You’ll need to watch the clip to appreciate Will’s subtle sarcasm. Soon-to-be former Senator Evan Bayh, meanwhile thinks the real problem is “the political process is not delivering the results the American people want” and that independents will continue to go back and forth until it does.

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