George Will: Dems Will Make Benghazi Investigation Look Like ‘Obvious Partisan Exercise’

Fox News contributor George Will was singularly unimpressed Monday morning with the discovery of the so-called smoking gun in Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes’ email, scoffing at the idea, voiced by his colleague Charles Krauthammer, that it was equivalent to the White House tapes during Watergate, and arguing that the talking points were, in his mind, the least important part of the Benghazi investigation.

“It’s rather less [significant] than the Watergate tapes, which showed a president at the heart of crime wave,” Will said. He named America’s presence in Libya, security concerns, and the military response as more pressing questions. “The video strikes me as not the most important of those topics.”

Will also seemed to agree with the reasoning behind Representative Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) statement earlier in the show that the Democrats would likely not participate in the newly-announced Select Committee on Benghazi.

“I do not know at all why any Democrat would want to participate in this,” Will said. “By boycotting this, it just becomes a redundant, obviously partisan Republican exercise. It’s only a matter of time before Democrats raise the following question: would there be a select committee if it didn’t want to have the power to subpoena the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for reasons obviously pertaining to presidential politics?”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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