George Will: Do We Really Want to Give Nuclear Weapons to Donald Trump?

George-Will-e1439734326135-300x197Syndicated columnist George Will said on Fox News Sunday that he believes voters will eventually turn on Donald Trump, asking if people really wanted him to control nuclear weapons.

Host Chris Wallace noted that in the latest Fox News poll, the candidates that primary voters believe are least qualified to run for president are also on the top of the polls. “What is going on here?” he asked the panel.

“Those deemed least qualified to be president are most qualified to do what voters want done today… which is send a message,” Will said, comparing Trump to segregationist Dixiecrat candidate George Wallace.

Will also compared Trump to primal scream therapy, a fad from the ’60s in which patients just yelled to make themselves feel better. “He’s a one-trick pony. ‘I’m rich, everybody who disagrees with me is stupid, and all our problems are simple. Put me in power.’”

“Since we are at the end of this going to elect a president, people have to say, ‘Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?’ at which point I think things change,” he predicted.

Watch, via Fox News.

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