George Will: GOP Reaction To Sestak Job Offer ‘Preposterous’

The Joe Sestak story is still kicking along this weekend, though it remains a backseat issue behind both President Obama‘s reaction to the BP oil spill and Congress’ vote on DADT. The most recent development in the case is that GOP would like the FBI to launch an investigation into the matter.

During the This Week roundtable this morning George Will put the kibash on that idea.

Politics is a transactional business [he frequently notes this on This Week, by the way]. Candidates go to voters and say ‘you vote for me, I’ll do this for you’ that’s what we do in this business and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s called democracy and free government. Obama was seriously trying to act as the leader of his party to get what he thought — he was wrong — to get the strongest candidate in the race in Pennsylvania. Nothing the matter with this. And for Republicans of all people to try to resuscitate that Frankenstein monster the independent council is preposterous.

At another point in the show, Will also noted that the time for DADT is long gone and that the public now views homosexuality the way it looks upon people who are left-handed. Video of the segment below. It remains to be seen whether the Sestak story has the legs to last through another week in the news cycle, but if today’s shows were any measure I suspect not.

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