George Will: Jon Huntsman Is For Voters ‘Who Don’t Really Like Republicans’

On This Week, during a discussion of presidential politics, the candidacy of Jon Huntsman was briefly mentioned and conservative commentator George Will did not seem too impressed. Despite Chrystia Freeland hyping Huntsman as the “darling of elites” and as someone who “talks in complete sentences,” Will cautioned anyone against getting too excited.

Will described Huntsman as someone who was attempting to emulate Ronald Reagan, but apparently didn’t understand politics like him:

“In almost every cycle there’s a Republican who appeals to people who don’t really very much like Republicans . . . Mr. Huntsman’s announcement that he would take the high road had a whiff of moral arrogance about it and we will see. He said ‘I’m not going to run down my opponent.’ He stood where Ronald Reagan stood. And when Ronald Reagan stood there in 1980 he said this about his opponent, Jimmy Carter, ‘A litany of despair of broken promises of sacred trusts abandoned and forgotten.’ That’s politics.”

Well Huntsman might be no Reagan and might not truly excite the people who do like Republicans, but could his potential appeal outside of the Republican party convince enough primary voters that he is the most serious threat to Obama in a general election?

Watch the clip from ABC below:

(h/t BreitbartTV)

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