George Will: Mitt Romney Is ‘Inevitable Nominee,’ GOP Race Is ‘Over’

In the past week, Mitt Romney has rebounded and claimed the lead once again in the Republican presidential race. And with no debates for weeks, Newt Gingrich may not be able to shift voters’ opinions for a third time. So once again, the media is back to pushing the “inevitable Romney” narrative it’s had to temporarily shelve on a few occasions. On This Week today, George Will not only agreed that Romney is inevitable, but added that the GOP race is already over.

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George Stephanopoulos saw Romney’s strong showing in two consecutive contests (Florida and Nevada) as a sign that he may end up being the GOP nominee after all. Will agreed, though he did go out of his way to note how voter turnout this election cycle was weaker than last time.

“Enthusiasm seems to be down. In Nevada, where it’s really Ground Zero for the pain of the economic downturn, you would have thought enthusiasm for the Republicans would be up, down again there.”

Will connected the dots between Romney’s victories, the lack of debates in the coming weeks, Gingrich’s huge Florida loss, and the fact that Gingrich was disqualified from placing on the ballot in his home state of Virginia, and came to the conclusion that this race is already over.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of ABC:

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