George Will: Obama’s Immigration Ideas Good, but His Methods Are ‘Execrable’

On President Barack Obama‘s possible executive action on immigration policy, conservative columnist George Will likes the ends but finds the means “execrable.”

Speaking with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, Will indicated that he finds Obama’s immigration aims to be worthwhile: Protection of immigrants currently in the U.S., distribution of work permits, and enforcement emphasis on criminals.

“The policies are defensible, the process is execrable,” he said. “There’s a simple etiquette of democracy,” he added, especially in light of the Republican Party’s sweeping midterm victories.

Will lamented Obama’s departure from his 2011 critiques of the Bush-Cheney “expansive use of executive power,” calling this potential executive overhaul a worrisome use of such powers.

Co-panelist Juan Williams agreed that the policies were worthwhile, but went a step in the other direction by suggesting the president has a “moral imperative” to take action. Brit Hume and Williams skirmished a bit on the implications of such policy.

Watch below, via Fox:

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