George Will On Debt Crisis Hype: Americans Have ‘Apocalypse Fatigue’

While many are concerned with the possible “doomsday” scenario of what might happen to the economy if leaders in Washington can’t reach an agreement and raise the debt ceiling, don’t count conservative commentator George Will among the alarmists. Instead he theorizes that many Americans, possibly including himself, are tired of hearing such over-dramatic and catastrophic language being used so frequently.

Will explains why he doesn’t perceive there to be an urgency in the country about this particular crisis:

“Part of the problem is, that I think the American people are suffering Apocalypse fatigue. They’ve been told over the last 40 years they are going to die from nuclear winter, global cooling, global warming, and they just – they hear now that this is Armageddon. I don’t think they believe it.”

Even as Christiane Amanpour attempted to stress that every economist and serious organizations (not just liberal ones) are really worried, Will continued to appear nonplussed. “We have two parties for a reason,” Will stated as he seemed most surprised by anyone’s expectation that the two parties shouldn’t fundamentally disagree as to what is needed to remedy the economy.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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