George Will On Herman Cain: ‘He’s Not Running For President, He’s Strolling For President’

On This Week today, Christiane Amanpour pointed to David Axelrod‘s comments last week specifically targeting Romney’s flip-flops, and Will took this to mean the Obama administration is convinced Romney will be their opponent in the general election.

However, Will did take note of the latest candidate enjoying the media spotlight, Herman Cain, and dismissed the idea that Cain is a viable candidate for the presidency.

“It’s clear that Cain has staying power. He’s not running for president, he’s sort of strolling for president without an infrastructure. It’s pretty cute and nice, but whether it works can be doubtful.”

Will also laid out what will presumably be the Obama reelection strategy if Romney is the nominee: to exploit their opponent’s history of flip-flopping and “versatility of conviction over the years.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC News:

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