George Will On Romney: The Republicans Have Found Their Michael Dukakis

In a stinging comparison that is sure to leave a mark, on Sunday’s This Week With Christiane Amanpour, George Will said the rise of Herman Cain had a lot to do with Republicans coming to the realization that Mitt Romney is their Michael Dukakis. “A technocratic Massachusetts governor running on competence, not ideology,” Will observed.

Will made the provocative analogy as This Week‘s panel was discussing Cain’s strengths against Romney in the race for the nomination. “I think Cain is not just a flavor of the month, I agree with him,” said Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. “I think he’s going to present a real problem for Mitt Romney, who I think is struggling to gain some traction.”

Matthew Dowd thought Cain’s rise wasn’t due to his 9-9-9 tax plan but in fact because of his positive attributes as a likable outsider which have endeared him to the Republican base. “I think he has a huge forgiveness factor in this Republican electorate,” Dowd surmised.

Jake Tapper added that Cain’s gaffe about abortion was similar to ones made by Dan Quayle and John McCain.

Will’s comparison of Romney to the 1988 Democratic nominee is probably not one the former Massachusetts Governor wants Republican voters to think of before casting their ballots.

Watch the panel’s segment below via ABC:

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