George Will: RNC Didn’t Tell Us Something We Didn’t Already Know About Romney

Appearing on ABC’s This Week panel, conservative columnist George Will said that Mitt Romney‘s Thursday closing speech at the Republican National Convention did not succeed in telling the American public something they didn’t already know about the Republican candidate for the presidency.

“In those three nights,” host George Stephanopoulos asked at the outset, “did [the GOP] do what they needed to do?”

“Not clear,” Will said.

He added that the real question is whether the people who watch the convention are those who are “unusually interested in politics,” or whether the viewership includes potential swing voters who may not know much about the candidates.

Ultimately, Will concluded that Romney did not succeed in painting a strong image of himself for the voting public: “Did Mitt Romney tell us something that we didn’t already know? We know that he’s against throwing money at bad ideas, we know that he’s against what they call trickle-down government. But did he tell us something that we didn’t already know? I doubt it.”

Watch below, via ABC:

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