George Zimmerman’s Father Tells Son’s Self-Defense Version Of Trayvon Martin’s Shooting

Zimmerman's Father Tells Son's Self-Defense Version Of Trayvon Martin's Shooting

Robert Zimmerman‘s family, with the exception of a short statement early in the story’s history, have kept out of the spotlight, until Zimmerman’s father surfaced on Fox 35 in Orlando. He gave a lengthy interview, stating the facts of the case as Zimmerman told them to him. In short, he backed the side of the story that the police report and Zimmerman’s lawyer argued: that Zimmerman shot in self-defense, that his nose and part of his head were broken, that he was not the one who started the physical altercation.

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He said his son was “going to the store, he saw someone in his community that he did not recognize as living there… my understanding is that at that point Trayvon Martin walked up to him asking ‘do you have a f*cking problem?'” Robert Zimmerman says Martin broke George Zimmerman’s nose as he reached for his cell phone, and “got on top of him and just started beating him,” ultimately saying something like “you’re going to die tonight.” “At some point,” he concludes, “George pulled his pistol and did what he did,” and that the 911 tape corroborates that: “there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that that was George yelling for help.”

The interview via FOX 35 Orlando below:

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